Jobs module

Arrange a callout and compare rates in under a minute. Track performance, with automatic notification on non-compliances and keep all the information and documentation tied to a specific job and site. Follow up on recommendations made by your contractors through Traksis and convert into jobs or tenders.

Quotations Module

Create simple or complex tenders quickly. Send the same information out to multiple contractors instantly with full access to site documentation, while setting deadlines. Review tender returns and select your preferred bid within minutes without the need to chase down further information.

Planned Maintenance Module

Create planned maintenance schedules quickly using existing contractors and rates or convert a competitive tender into a planned job. Let Traksis do the work of sending out reminders to property managers and contractors alike. Change dates before the planned event using your calendar view and leave Traksis to update all parties.

Mobile APP

Use your mobile device to capture job requirements or information while on the move, send files and pictures to Traksis ready for you to create a job or a tender.

Reporting Module

Easily report on any of the following:

  • Capex Works & Costs
  • H&S compliances
  • Contractor ratings
  • Equipment
  • Historic information
  • P&L Costs
  • Performance
  • Recurring jobs
  • Weekly worklists
  • Costs (All, Job, Equipment, Contractor)

Contractor Module

Integrate contractors as part of the job process to instruct, monitor, share information, meet H&S compliance, collect compliance certification and agree on costs. This level of integration saves you time and resources.

Document Management Module

Keep your documentation safely stored with the option to use a restricted access folder for legal files. You can set reminders against documentation for lease expiry and break clauses, insurance, accreditations and control visibility while allowing contractors access to specific data.

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